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Review of the foals we expect for the coming year,
after we have checked the mares for pregnancy in september.
It goes without saying that the choice of the stallion is mare specific,
where we want to secure the qualities of the mare, and hope to address
areas of improvement with the choice of the stallion.
When suitable for the mare, we prefer the use of 'proven' stallions,
taking account of his offspring, own achievements and
sportresults in the pedigree.

Photo Name Descent Expected
Glocks Taminiau x Livin Joy 21-02-2021
Vivino x Julia Morka 30-03-2021
Desperado x Dance on Jazz 19-03-2021
Vitalis x Kazhara 29-03-2021
Kjento x Lisa Morka 21-04-2021
Kjento x Gianne 03-06-2021

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