DK Horses - Dressage horses breeding farm


Our main target is to bring the quality of our breeding farm to the highest possible level, and at the same time to keep the number of horses maintainable.
This means that from time to time we will offer horses for sale. As a common rule, we will try to keep a filly foal from every mare we own, and to sell all the other offspring, either as a foal, or at a higher age.
Principally it means that all our geldings and stallions are for sale, and from time to time mares as well.
Please contact us in case you are interested in one of our horses. We are pleased to inform you, and would be honoured if you would call on us.
The horses below are for sale only to passionate horsemen (and women), with a proven record to care a lot about the development and well being of the horses.

Currently, when requested, we offer the following horses for sale:
PhotoName DescentDate of birthSex
Livin Joy Jazz x Gianne 24-04-2016 Mare
Park Avenue Desperado 09-05-2020 Stallion
Times Square 08-05-2023 Stallion

For sale