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June, 09, 2019

Website update

We are in the process of updating the website , and meanwhile have added that:
-we now have 4 mares at Prix St George level
-we have new foals
-we have some interesting young foals and a very nice Jazz mare for sale
-we have already a few promising new pregnancies, one of them being by Vivino (see picture) from our mare Zhara Obertje

Pictures will follow. Please do let us know if you would like to know more

September, 11, 2017

Filly foals for sale

We have a very appealing filly foal for sale from the coming star stallion Ferdeaux in combination with our National Mare Cidamorka.
In our opinion, this is a very good foal with a top pedigree. Very interesting for someone with true ambition for breeding and/or dressage sport.
We very much believe in the offspring of Cidamorka, but as we already have 3 young ones from her, it becomes a bit too much.
Unique opportunity !  

January, 07, 2017

Breeding program 2017

We expect 4 foals in 2017, all through ET:
-Ferdeaux and Cidamorka (2x)
-For Romance and Cidamorka
-Rock Forever and Zhara Obertje
Rock Forever is a proven stallion; Ferdeaux and For Romance are relatively young , but have also convinced us through their own appearance  and basic gaits, as well as through their (still young) offspring.
We aim for quality, outcross and rideability  

July, 17, 2016

Foals for sale and Sports update

We have been very busy, and therefore are behind with updates on the website. However, there is important news:

Foals and Young horses for sale: As we have all fillies this year, and do have offspring already, we have decided to offer 2 foals  and two young horses for sale. Please refer to the For sale page. We will also be happy to keep them, but if it fits then a sale is fine.
Meanwhile, we have sold Lady Daula to an ambitious  breeder

Sports update: All mares that compete advance very well.
Dance on Jazz is meanwhile qualified for Prix St George; Cidamorka and Emma Daula are both qualfied for ZZL and will compete at the Brabant Championships in class Z2.
Training (basics) has started for Germiek Utopia, and she advances very well 
Zhara Obertje at this point does not compete by lack of time of the qualified riders.

April, 15, 2016

Lisamorka is born

We are very pleased with the birth of Lisamorka, an appealing filly foal from our mare Cidamorka (5th placed at the National Championship of 3 year old mares in 2007), and double World Champion of Young Dressage horses Florencio. 

April, 05, 2016

Lady Daula has arrived.

We are very pleased with the birth of Lady Daula, and appealing filly foal from our prestatie mare Nudaula in combination with the rising star Ferdeaux. 

January, 10, 2016

Kir Royal and Kind Regards are sold

Our colt foals, Kir Royal (Negro from Zhara Obertje) and Kind Regards (Jazz from Kaja Maria) are sold.
We are pleased with that, in particular because they are acquired by Mr and Mrs Van de Meer from Rockanje; genuinely knowledgeable and horse minded, who will give these talented young horses all opportunity to develop their potential.
We wish Mr and Mrs van de Meer best of luck with them !  

August, 09, 2015

Kind Regards has arrived !

On July 30, our 6th and final foal for this season is born: Kind Regards, a colt foal by Jazz from our Contender mare Kaja Maria.
The foal has truly excellent movements;we are thrilled !

July, 12, 2015

Very happy with the birth of two filly foals !

We are very happy with the birth of:
-Kyramiek Utopia, a  filly foal with lots of elasticity in her movements by De Niro and our Florencio mare Germiek Utopia
-Kaja-Maria II, a filly foal with a very well shaped body and appealing movements by Negro and our Contender mare Kaja-Maria

Pictures will follow in due course 

June, 19, 2015

Gianne has obtained the Ster predicat following a successful IBOP test

Gianne achieved a 77.5 points score in the IBOP performance test, with Stephanie in the saddle, and after that achieved the Ster predicat !  The comments from the judges were very positive.

We are pleased with this result , and see this as a good stepping stone in her prospective dual career of sport horse and brood mare.  

June, 19, 2015

Good results in dressage tests for Gianne, Emma Daula and Dance on Jazz

We breed for dressage, and are really delighted that our young horses are doing well in the dressage ring, each in their class suitable for their age:  Gianne achieved a second place in class L, Emma Daula a third place in class M, and Dance on Jazz (see photo) a 6th place in a stong field of 34 in class ZZL with about 64% 

May, 18, 2015

Zippy Top T to new owner

With truly mixed feelings, we have sold Zippy Top T.

She is a lovely and talented mare , for sport and breeding. Our idea to sell her stems from the days we had a shortage of space, and a shortage of time to give Zippy the attention she deserves.

We have now  solved the space issue. However, we meanwhile got in contact with Marieke Toonders,and we decided to let the sale go ahead as we can't imagine a better owner and home  for Zippy than with Marieke.

We wish Marieke and her husband lots of success and pleasure with Zippy.

Our daughter Stephanie owns Zippy's first offspring, Dance On Jazz, who scored 63% this weekend in class ZZL in her only 3rd appearance in this class, with rider Chantal van Lanen    

April, 27, 2015

Gianne and Cidamorka advance in level

Gianne and Cidamorka made great progress over the weekend:
In her first  official appearance in the dressage ring, Gianne scored 67% with Stephanie in class L1. It went very well, and her talent in combination with her willingness to perform holds great promise for the future ! 
Cidamorka also did very well with Roy and scored 64% in class Z2, and she now is awarded the Elite Sport predicat.
It is a real pleasure to see both horses perform

April, 19, 2015

Zhara Obertje successful in first appearance in Prix St Georges

Zhara Obertje and rider Sofie van Vugt did very well in their first appearance at  Prix St Georges level with a good score of 62.7%.
We are very pleased with this result, particularly in view of the upward momentum and potential for further improvement 

April, 14, 2015

Two foals are born

On 6th resp 14th of april , we celebrated the birth of 2 foals:

Kintyre: An appealing colt foal by Grand Galaxy and Nudaula. His movements are strong, uphill and he has a modern type

Filly foal by  Negro  and Zhara Obertje. We had so much hoped for a filly foal, and therefore are very grateful with this precious gift. We are still thinking about   a good name for her

April, 09, 2015

Sport Update

Gianne and Dance on Jazz did well recently:
-Stephanie and Gianne achieved a 77.5 score in the HorseFood young horses competition , which  comfortably secured them a place in the finals. 
-Chantal van Lanen and Dance on Jazz achieved good results in class ZZ-L (incl a 4th place) in what was only their second appearence in the ring. Even though it went well, there is still quite some potential for improvement, and that is good news 

March, 15, 2015

Kir Royal is born !

Kir Royal is born this morning: a very appealing colt foal from Negro and Zhara Obertje; we are so happy !

November, 30, 2014

Happy Feet approved as stallion in Oldenburg, Germany.

Happy Feet is a son of Don Schufro and our mare Zhara Obertje. He has developed very well, and is now a licensed stallion at the renowned Oldenburger studbook in Germany.


We are very proud.

November, 12, 2014

Gershwin in motion--no further comments necessary

Please click on the link to start the video

November, 09, 2014

Gershwin--what a horse !

We received a picture from Gershwin with Kirsten Brouwer in the saddle, as he achieved a 2nd place in a competition for 3 year old horses in a field of about 90 horses
We bred him from our mare Nudaula
Emma Daula is a full sister to Gershwin
In 2015 , we expect a foal from Grand Galaxy from Nudaula

November, 09, 2014

Zippy Top T successfully back in the dressage ring !

After a mere 5 weeks (!) of training, Zippy Top T is back in the dressage ring, and successfully so: With Stephanie in the saddle , she achieved a second place and 214 points, with the flying changes and half passes as highlights.
With thanks to her obedient character and talent, and Stephanie' s good training  

October, 19, 2014

Horses we have bred in the spotlights

We are very pleased that:

-Happy Feet (Don Schufro x Zhara Obertje) has qualified for the  finals of the stallion selection for the Oldenburger studbook in Germany. He showed himself very well, and we are certainly going to visit the finals in 20-22 November in Vechta, Germany

-Gershwin (Vivaldi x Nudaula) achieved a very good 2nd place in a field of more than 80 horses in the competition VWF Prinsenstad  for 3 year old talents. A genuine horse for the future.Hopefully, he can follow in the footsteps of his half brother Torricelli (Florestan x Nudaula), who is a Grand Prix dressage horse, and at the time  at 8th place in the worldchampionships for young dressage  horses

We are very proud of these great horses--this is what motivates us !

October, 12, 2014

Texas and Jack Nicholson sold

Today, we brought Texas to the new owners, fam Bekhuis in Geesteren. Texas is a proven broodmare, with high quality show jumping foals (among them the approved stallion Alicante HBC), and we wish them lots of success with her.

We also sold Jack Nicholson  (Negro x Cidamorka), a very appealing and talented colt foal to Leander de Heer/ Kirsten Brouwer. We are very pleased ,as this is their second purchase from us, and it is definitely our aim to have professional and happy customers. As you may know, Kirsten was very successful at  the World Championships for Young Horses both in 2013 and 2014.   

October, 08, 2014

Isamorka sold to fam Oosterbosch

It is our aim and passion to breed horses of high quality; However, this only has merit if the horses go to the right (horse) men/women ; that is why we are so happy that Jive has been sold to Petri Bax and Journey to Egbert Schep, where they will get all opportunities to develop.

We are equally pleased that we have sold Isamorka to fam Oosterbosch, who we have got to know as enthusiastic and knowledgeable breeders. Isamorka descends from a superb pedigree, and we have high expectations from her. We wish fam Oosterbosch best of luck with this charming and talented mare !

October, 03, 2014

Another tragedy: Idaula has passed away

This year, the misery does not seem to end: This week, Idaula got colic, and we have done everything to rescue her: She was operated at Utrecht University; initially, it looked promising, but on thursday her condition turned  dramatically with no solution.

Idaula was a very charming young horse with very good movements, and our intent to continue the Daula damline


Dear Idaula, Rest in Peace !


September, 22, 2014

Journey delivered to Mr Egbert Schep

Today, we have delivered our colt foal Journey to the renowned horseowner and expert mr Egbert Schep.Journey is by Casall and Indoctro, and a full brother to the approved stallion Alicante HBC. It is really a fantastic foal.

Mother Texas descends from the direct pedigree of the famous Holsteiner stallion Cantus. Texas is now pregnant from Zavall, a son of Casall and from a damline with sportive achievement at the highest level.  

September, 14, 2014

Jive sold to dressage stable

Jive is yesterday at the foal auction of Maren Kessel sold to the stables of Petri Bax. We are very pleased with that, as he will get all opportunity to develop his talent there.

We wish Petri lots of success with Jive !


August, 12, 2014

Life goes on: two beautiful foals from Cidamorka

It is very difficult to accept that Image of Zhara is gone, and we will never forget her !

However, indeed life goes on, and we are very happy with the horses we have; On august 4th, a beautiful colt foal by Negro and Cidamorka was born (ET), and we named him Jack Nicholson. Then, on august 9th, a beautiful filly foal was born (also ET: where last year we were fortunate to have 2 embryos from one flushing) from the combination Negro and Cidamorka, and we named her Julia Morka.

It is obviously early days, but we like what we see.

July, 07, 2014

Enormous sadness: Image of Zhara has passed away

We are devastated by the loss of Image of Zhara. After a serious accident in the field, there was no other option than to euthanise her: She was real sweet and a great talent. Dear Image, we love you, rest in peace


May, 04, 2014

Zhara Obertje now ZZ-Z classified

Zhara is now classified in class ZZ-Z ; We are very pleased in the way she demonstates her talent. Recurring tension is still surpressing her scores right now, which means that there is enormous potential to advance beyond this, once the tension can be controlled.  

April, 06, 2014

Nudaula's offspring very successful

Both Vivaldi offspring from Nudaula performed very well this weekend: Gershwin (3 years old-photo) was licensed at the AES studbook, and 5 year old Emma Daula achieved with Stephanie a great 5th place in the finals of the  KWPN Limburg young horse competition.

More important than these scores is that both horses develop very well. We are very pleased about that (and a bit proud too...)

March, 23, 2014

The first two foals are born !

We are very pleased with the birth of the first two foals, both colts:

Jive by Charmeur from our Elite Sport mare Zippy Top T

Je Reviens Quidam, by Quidam de Revel, from our Elite Preferent Sport (drs) and Sport (spr) mare Kaja Maria.

Even though it is early days, we are pleased with what we see. Photos will follow in due course.

February, 22, 2014

Gorgeous in Denmark

We received this picture from Gorgeous (Negro x Zhara) from a happy owner . Gorgeous is here only a few weeks under the saddle and he does great.

February, 22, 2014

Three stallions from pedigrees we have are qualified for the KWPN performance test

The KWPN stallion selection show ended with a great result, in that three stallions from pedigrees we have are qualified for the performance test. The catalogue numbers involved are # 412 (from the Pedigree from Zippy Top T), # 444 (from the pedigree from Germiek) and # 525 (from the pedigree from Gianne)


December, 24, 2013

Four young stallions from our pedigrees qualified for 2nd viewing KWPN Stallion Selection !

We are very pleased that young stallions from four  of our pedigrees  are qualified for the 2nd viewing of the KWPN Stallion Selection, as follows (# are from the catalogue):

-412 from Zippy Top T's pedigree

-444 from Germiek Utopia's pedigree

-525 from Gianne's pedigree

-590 from Kaja Maria's pedigree

Our other four mares already do have approved stallions closeby in their respective pedigrees: Nudaula via For Gribaldi, Zhara Obertje via Tango, Cidamorka via Citango and Texas via Alicante HBC

We are excited, and will follow the 2nd and 3rd viewing of the stallion selection in early February with great interest 

November, 17, 2013

For Gribaldi approved as KWPN stallion has the same granddam as Nudaula

Following the 50 day performance test, the stallion For Gribaldi has been approved by KWPN with 85 points; a great result.

For Gribaldi descends from the Daula pedigree, like our mare Nudaula, and both horses share the same granddam: Ladaula.

We are pleased that the Daula pedigree once again proves its value ! 

November, 10, 2013

Sports update

Even though our main focus is breeding, its ultimate success  is measured in the Dressage ring.

We are delighted to report that our horses and offspring are making encouraging progress:

Emma Daula (Vivaldi x Nudaula)- 4 years old just won L2 class at more than 70%, Dance On Jazz (Jazz x Zippy Top T)- 5 years old achieved a 3rd place in class M2 at 66%. Over the last weeks, Zhara Obertje has achieved success in class ZZ-L, and Cidamorka in class Z1. Also Elista Obertje (Tuschinski x Zhara), 4 years old, achieved recently a winning score in class L2.

To achieve success, one needs a good horse, a good owner and capable riders, and we are pleased with the capabilities and enthusiasm of Jose van Haaren, Sofie van Vugt and our own daughter Stephanie.

 Finally, we got enthusiastic news from the owner of Gorgeous (Negro x Zhara Obertje) about the progress which he is making.     

October, 08, 2013

Breeding program for 2014 known !

Following a recent veterinairy check, we can report with pleasure that we are expecting 6 foals in 2014: 2 from Negro, 1 from Florencio, Charmeur,Quidam de Revel and Casall.
It is regrettable that in 2014 we will not get foals from Nudaula and Zhara Obertje: Nudaula was initially in foal to Apache, but she has not been able to keep it, and Zhara Obertje produced an embryo from Negro, which the recipient mare unfortunately did not keep. Thankfully, we have filly foals from both combinations (Idaula and Image of Zhara)

The foals in the show jumping area (Quidam de Revel and Casall) stem from recent purchases at the Maalwater Elite Auction; a fantastic opportunity which we will further develop with good friends

September, 09, 2013

Exciting new purchases

We are very pleased to announce the purchase of 3 valuable mares:

1 Kaja Maria: a direct offspring from Contender from a top pedigree in Holstein. She is in foal to Quidam de Revel, and we hope to continue breeding with her next year in dressage. She has multiple predicates in dressage and show jumping

2. Texas M: mother to approved stallion Alicante HBC. Again, a top pedigree. She is in foal to Casall right now, and we hope to continue breeding with her in the show jumping direction

3.Gianne M: a 2 year old mare by Ampere; very interesting pedigree as well, with lots of sport in the pedigree. We plan to present her for the mare selection next year, and then breed with her in dressage.

More information will be posted on the website in due course

Even though we believe in specialisation, we do like jumping genes in the dressage pedigree, if these are functional, of course.
It is not customary for us to buy 3 mares; however this was a unique opportunity to buy from Ron and Els Nowee, for whom we have a lot of respect.  

July, 22, 2013

Elista Obertje scores well in Pavo Cup: 81 points

Elista Obertje, Zhara Obertje's first offspring, has performed well in the most prestigious young horse competition in the Netherlands. She was awarded a 9 for trott, and 8.5 as talent for dressage, by renowned judges Mr Ernes (coach of NL dressage team), Mr Hamoen (long time chairman of KWPN Stallion selection), and Mrs Larmoyeur (dressage trainer and GP rider). Her walk only got a 7, which we can understand as there was a bit of tension. However we know that her walk in ability is fine, so there is room for improvement.
It is great to see that Zhara's offspring do so well-- there are two promising colts (Gorgeous--2 year old by Negro and Happy Feet --1 year old by Don Schufro) growing up right now, and we own a filly foal from Negro, named Image of Zhara.    

July, 10, 2013

Image of Zhara has arrived!

We are very pleased with the birth of Image of Zhara, a beautiful filly foal from Negro and Zhara Obertje. 
This means that we have three filly foals this year, Image of Zhara ,Idaula and Isamorka , and this really was our wish; We are very happy !
We have initial pictures of all foals published on the site.  

April, 15, 2013

Idaula has arrived

We are delighted to report the birth of Idaula, a filly foal from Apache and our elite sport mare Nudaula (by Pion). Even though it is early days, we are very pleased with what we see!

March, 13, 2013

This week was a true emotional rollercoaster: Black Endy died, and Isamorka is born

With great sadness, we report that on march 7 , we had to euthanise  our mare Black Endy. After an injury in the paddock, we initially hoped that she would recover. However, subsequent investigation at the University clinic revealed that she had a pelvic fracture with no hope for recovery. We miss her greatly.
Then, only 5 days later, Isamorka is born, a lovely filly foal from Apache and our mare Cidamorka. We are very happy with her.

February, 07, 2013

Gershwin sold to Kirsten Brouwer

Our 2 year old stallion Gershwin (Vivaldi x Nudaula) is sold to Kirsten Brouwer. We do our utmost to breed for (top)sport, and acknowledge how important it is that our horses go to professional riders, such as Kirsten Brouwer, who at this time is very successful with the approved stallion Tuschinski. On that basis, we are very pleased with the sale, and wish Kirsten all the best with Gershwin, who is developing very well, and really is a talented horse

January, 30, 2013

Cidamorka qualified for National Championships!

Cidamorka and rider Sofie van Vugt qualified for the National Championships,class M2, through a 4th place at the Regional Championships.Apart from the general progress, positive were the nice uphill tendency, good impulsion, and powerful movements. On the other hand, there were slight spots of tension here and there in the test. As a result, the judges had different scores, with one emphasizing the former, and the other the latter. A 4th place was the outcome. We had hoped for more, but respect the judges'views and know what to work on. The National championships take place mid march, and thereafter they will promote to class Z1. They are ready for it.

December, 24, 2012

Cidamorka qualified for Regional Championships

Sofie van Vugt and Cidamorka have qualified for the Regional Championship in dressage class M2, which is the highest class allowed for Cidamorka's age (still only 5 years old). We congratulate Sofie with this achievement, and more importantly with the steep progress which they are making. Well done!

July, 14, 2012

Cidamorka wins qualifier for PAVO young horses competition

July, 02, 2012

Elista Obertje qualifies for the National Championship!

Zhara Obertje's first offspring, Elista Obertje by Tuschinski, qualifed on saturday with flying colors for the National Mare Championship to be held mid august.
 The region of Brabant (by far the biggest in the Netherlands) held its championship on saturday: starting the iniital qualification with about 200 3-year old mares, the regional championship counted 80 competing mares. In a very exciting final of 17 mares, Elista Obertje finished at 3rd place. We congratulate the owner Caroline van Zele with this outstanding result.

June, 24, 2012

Elista Obertje very successful at KWPN mare admission event

Zhara Obertje's first offspring, the 3 year old mare Elista Obertje, performed very well at the KWPN Mare admission event in June 2012, with a 80/80 score. The judges praised her movements characterised by suppleness, very good technique and ground cover.

May, 13, 2012

Colt foal from Don Schufro has arrived!

We are delighted with the birth of the Don Schufro colt foal from Zhara Obertje, Dutch Championness of KWPN in 2007.(Zhara Obertje is the full sister to the approved stallion Tango, who is successful in Grand Prix, and possibly competing at the London Olympic Games 2012 with Hans Peter Minderhoud).  He has long legs and great movements with  uphill tendency. The pedigree with Jazz , Contango and Donnerhall genes holds great promise. Obviously, it is early  days , but we are very pleased with what we see. We attach a photo at age of only one day. (NB: the mare on the photo is the recipient mare, as the foal is by ET)

April, 22, 2012

Dance on Jazz makes great start in dressage ring!

In her first appearance in the dressage ring, Dance on Jazz (4 years old) with rider Stephanie de Korte obtained a 1st and 3rd place in class L1.
Due to our space shortage, we have stabled Dance on Jazz elsewhere, where we can only ride indoor.
On april 21st, Dance and Stephanie had their first dressage competion, and it was outdoor. It was remarkable how concentrated Dance was . She showed willingness and 'go' throughout the test. We were very pleased with the performance